Dairy Foods Consulting

Dairy Foods Consulting
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Peter Dixon, M.S.
Artisan Cheesemaker

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Artisan Cheesemaking

I have been making cheese and dairy foods commercially in Vermont since 1983: 

  • Guilford Cheese Company; part-owner; Brie & Camembert
  • Shelburne Farms; cheesemaker; Cheddar
  • Vermont Butter and Cheese Company, cheesemaker and quality control manager
  • Westminster Dairy; part-owner; certified organic, farmstead cheeses from Jersey cow milk
  • Consider Bardwell Farm: part-owner; farmstead and handmade cheese from the farm's goat milk and local cow and goat dairies
  • Parish Hill Creamery owner and cheesemaker, handmade cheeses ~ check here for more information.

I continue to work as a teacher and dairy foods consultant, working with creameries and cheesemakers from Vermont to Shanghai, and offer small group consultations and workshops at Westminster Artisan Cheesemaking and Parish Hill Creamery.

I have used cow, goat, sheep and water buffalo milk to make a wide range of dairy foods including yogurt, sour cream and creme fraiche, butter, ice cream, and many varieties of fresh and aged cheeses.

Dairy Foods Consulting

As a dairy foods specialist, I have provided on-site technical assistance and classroom training in dairy food science and technology and quality control to small-scale dairy foods manufacturers and traditional cheesemakers for Land O'Lakes International Development Division projects in Macedonia and Albania and the USDA Marketing Assistance Project in Armenia.  

Since 1996, I have consulted for clients throughout the US and in Canada.

Peter Dixon, Dairy Foods Consulting
131 West Parish Road
Westminster West, VT 05346
phone: 802.275.2297