Dairy Foods Consulting

Dairy Foods Consulting
& Westminster Artisan Cheesemaking

Peter Dixon, M.S.
Artisan Cheesemaker

Peter Dixon is a dairy foods consultant and artisan cheesemaker. His work with people engaged in or interested in making cheese and other dairy products draws on 30 years of cheesemaking and 15 years of consulting. Peter works with dairy farmers, and experienced as well as aspiring cheesemakers to research and develop or improve their milk processing businesses. Peter offers small group cheesemaking instruction geared toward handmade artisan and farmstead cheese production at Westminster Artisan Cheesemaking in Westminster, Vermont.

Peter got his start in Food Safety while pursuing his M.S. in Dairy Science at the University of Vermont. The demonstrable connection between safe production practices and high quality cheese and dairy foods guides Peter's work as a consultant and a cheesemaker.

Parish Hill Creamery produces seasonal, handmade, raw milk cheeses inspired by the traditional cheeses of Italy. Peter brings his years of cheesemaking and consulting experience and is joined in the endeavor by his wife Rachel and sister Alex Schaal.

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Peter Dixon, Dairy Foods Consulting
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